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Judith Lynn Sorrell

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02/12/14 02:00 PM #8    

Lynn Leroy Stewart

I remember Judy very well and also the report of her death. It shook me up pretty much. Thanks for the tribute Jackie.


Lynn Stewart

02/12/14 10:08 PM #9    

William E. Newton

What a beautiful thing true friendship is and it lasts forever. My parents are buried in Gaston Memorial Gardens and Judy's grave is just ten feet away. I think about her so much each time I visit.

02/13/14 01:05 PM #10    

Beverly Norris (Rupp)

Hi Everyone...I have a lovely picture of Judy that my brother Frankie Norris took at my Halloween party in the 7th grade.  I believe Judy would have been in theatrics of some sort had she lived. She loved jazzy tunes at a really early age. She used to listen to my father's old jaz song albums.  We would get so tickled we'd fall down on the floor laughing. We both loved music!    Beverly

02/13/14 01:26 PM #11    

Marsha Lee Musard (McLamb)

Jackie, you did a great tribute to Judy.  I also spent a lot of time at her house. Her brother and my brother Michael were classmates and friends. One of the things I remember about her house was the telephone booth that her mother made out of a linen closet in their hall. She had everyone who visited sign their name on the wall and she painted  over it with bright paint. Those were the good days of friendship and fun!  The day (or week) before she had her accident she had just been accepted as a stewardess on one of the airlines. It was a dream come true for her!  She would have made a good flight attendant, but her upward flight was made without the plane.

02/13/14 10:45 PM #12    

John Mack

I, too, remember Judy fondly.  We dated much of the 11th grade and I was privileged to take her to the Jr-Sr our Junior year.  She was a special person to so many.

02/14/14 08:38 AM #13    

Kris Brunnemer (Cooke)

I, too, remember Judy's arrival at Victory School.  Jackie, Jewell, Beverly, Martha, Judy, and I became great friends immediately.  Have loved going down memory lane beginning with Jackie's post.  The parties in Judy's basement were such great fun and so were Beverly's.  

I was a student at Greensboro College along with Jewell, Jane Barber Mack, Martha McPhail, Joyce Bradley Cathey, and Barbara Myers when we got that terrible phone call about Judy's tragic death.  We were devastated.  I packed up and went home and straight to Judy's house to see her parents and Randy.  Such a loss!!  I can never go by Rock Creek Dairy Road exit on my way to Gastonia from Greensboro without thinking of Judy.  She was a very special friend. 

02/14/14 12:05 PM #14    

Barbara Jean Carson (Smith)

Oh, Jackie, what a great memory you have of Judy.  What a tribute!

02/16/14 12:44 AM #15    

Sandra Elaine Slutsky (Hutto)

Jackie, what a touching tribute to Judy.  I will make sure that Randy sees this.  I just saw him in November when I was there and hadn't seen each other since her funeral.  He will really appreciate this , as did I.


Judy and I became friends in high school being in the same homeroom and some other classes.  I just loved her spunk and valued her friendship.  It was a terrible loss - she was way too young.


Do you know the story behind the event that night?  Her parents had just given her permission to pursue her dream of becoming a flight attendant and she wanted to go have dinner at the airport to celebrate.  She loved hanging out there and found it so exciting.  He parents always thought it was a dangerous job and were trying to protect her.  They never ever got over losing her this way.  So very sad.


Thank you for writing your story and sharing it with all of us.


02/16/14 09:05 AM #16    

William Nicholas Query

My memory is not as keen as some of you but I want to say that Judy and I became true pals, I believe it started in a Sunday school class at the old Presbyterian church.  My family only had one car and my use of it was limited since I had an  older brother. Judy would come to my house in a black Buick  Electra convertible and we would go out just as buddies. She had such a fun, engaging personality. Obviously, she was selfless and such a joy to be with. I was at Lees-Mcrae when I heard of her tragic accident, I wept and questioned the fairness of God at that young age. It's amazing, after 48 years , that she still has a spiritual impact on our memories. What a wonderful person she was. 

02/18/14 06:47 PM #17    

Jewell Hill (Hill-Loock)

Beverly has included a sweet photo of Judy. Have a look at it on the comment Beverly wrote.

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